I’m the wife of a 2nd man.  That is to say he’s an Associate Pastor, not a senior pastor, not a deacon or a layman.  It’s an interesting life, never boring or dull.  While he/we don’t have all of the responsibility of a senior pastor, my husband is still a qualified pastor, counselor, supporter.  Much like Joshua with Moses, he is called to be a support to our senior pastor and the people of our congregation.  Sometimes that’s a blessing in regards to stress level, perks, business dealings of the church.  Sometimes it’s more like a curse in regards to appreciation, stress level, business dealings of the church.  But overall it’s ministry and a wonderful place where God has planted us for now.  We spent 15 years ministering primarily to the youth of our church.  Now, we’ve been exploring life with the grown-ups for the past several years and enjoying it!

All of that is just our ministry.  I’m also the Pastoral Secretary at the church and a  home schooling momma of three great kids.  A decorating, hgtv junkie and a kayaking fanatic And a crazy sanguine/melancholy wife to the man that is 2nd only to God in my life.

To sum it all up simply – I am blessed.  I know it’s a great life, but I also know it’s not because of me, but my Lord Jesus Christ.

Feel free to join me on my journey if you’re brave enough to try and follow the randomness.  There’s no map for this trip.


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