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The Cookie

There are some days when I look at my kids and ask myself, “Who are these people?”  I know it sounds odd, but truly it’s my aim, my goal, my purpose in life to mold these three precious lives into characters unrecognizable to my flawed self.   When 2nd Man and I pray for them, he often says something to the effect of them standing on his shoulders and using us as a springboard to go further in their lives, namely their spiritual lives.  It is truly why I stay at home and…well…ahem…don’t work (said as I stuff a bon-bon in my mouth and change the television channel.  Just kidding, I don’t eat my bon-bons in front of the TV).  Seriously, though, we do have very high hopes for our children’s’ spiritual walks and their lives in general as well.

Now, that sounded pretty highfalutin and noble didn’t it?  But, the little things these kids do even amaze me sometimes.  Take for instance the cookies Jarod got at a restaurant the other night.  We took some missionaries out for dinner after Sunday evening church.  It was probably 7:30 when we went and we didn’t get out of there until almost 10:00!  But that’s probably another blog post about the poor service industry of our town.  Anyway, with it being so late, we had him wait to eat the cookies until Monday.  I told him he could have them as a snack since it was the first day of school.   Now, before I tell you what happened let me preface this by saying,



these two cookies which look very much like this picture,were only the size of dollar coins, they were not those big ‘ol honkin kind.  So I was shocked when he looked at me and said, “I’ll just have one.”  What?  WHO DOES THAT?!

I responded coolly though, so he wouldn’t catch on to my shock.  When he asked what to do with the other one I told him to set it on a napkin on the kitchen table and he could have it later if he wanted it. As I walked by it all day long I kept sniffing and thinking, “man, I could down that in single chew.”  If you’re wondering – no, I didn’t eat my kid’s cookie.

Later, though, as I was doing dishes and pondering the oddity of one of my offspring having such self discipline I went down my panic road thinking, “Oh no, he’s going to be one of those no hormone, no sympathy smart- alecks who respond to diet articles with quips like ‘It’s easy all you fat people, just eat healthy food and stop shoving sugar in your mouth!’ or something completely insensitive like that.”  I usually save this kind of momma panic for when one of my children misbehave and I send them down the aimless road to living in the gutter in my mind.

When I told 2nd man about it he didn’t think anything of it.  “You’re not alarmed?” I pressed. “No, this is a good thing you know,” he said.  “But how does a person do that? I mean, how does a person eat only one dollar sized cookie and think that’s enough?  I think it’s weird. Do you think he’s sick?”  2nd man really wasn’t amused.  “You know honey, it’s called self-discipline.”  “Our seven year old son – self disciplined?  Nah.” I said as images of this same boy yelling, jumping, and swinging from stairway posts in the church gym by a rope flashed through my mind.  “Well, maybe at least in one area he’s becoming disciplined.” 2nd man replied.

I guess he’s right.  It is a good thing.  Unfortunately, I think my girls were born with momma’s hungry hormones.  Hopefully, they’ll learn from little brother in this area.  Hopefully, I’ll learn from their little brother in this area.

One thought on “The Cookie

  1. Love it! And I always have two cookies… but they are the sugar-free variety! I figure at 62, it would be foolish to think that I’m guaranteed to be here tomorrow for the 2nd treat. So why not enjoy it NOW!


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