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Pinterest Interest

Are these not the cutest things ever?!
Ok, it’s confession time.  I have an addiction…Oh yea it’s .  I just can’t stop looking at it.  I log on and think, “Oh just five minutes while the kids get ready for bed.”  Sixty minutes later my children are begging, “Mom, are you coming to kiss us?  We need to have bedtime devotions.  Dad, can you get her off of there?”   Then, I wonder, what cool thing I’ll miss if I walk away. Maybe the ship I’ve been waiting for is just another scroll down.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need an intervention.
 But the cupcakes were just too cute to pass up
and look at this cool hurricane lamp I made from the lady that stole an idea from Williams Sonoma and remade it from dollar store items. 
 I made two for $12.00 total! 
Admittedly, not everything I pin is feasable.  I’m still trying to convince 2nd man to build me the chicken house I saw and make the garden path I pinned.  The problem is the rest of my friends are just as addicted as I am.  We had a yearly planning meeting for our church decorating committee.  Instead of bringing magazine cutouts or legal pads to write on, we all brought laptops and pulled up our pinterest boards. 
It’s a virtual playground for me.  I’m a chief thief for crafty things like this.  I, unfortunately am not creative in and of myself, but I can steal ideas like no other.  Somebody stop me!  No wait; just give me five more minutes…

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