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Growing Girls

There’s a lot of growing up going on around our house lately.  These two beautiful girls of ours have hit us hard in the pocket book as well as the heart lately.  As you can see daughter #1 got glasses just recently.  I feel kind of sheepish about this one because I didn’t realize the need.  Instead, people at church kept walking by her making comments like, “look at her squinting, does she need glasses?”  or “girl, can’t you see anything?”  After about a month of this, I finally realized I should get her checked out.  Poor girl has worse eyesight than I do. 
            Daughter #2 has an under bite and needs the braces to correct it.  According to the orthodontist it’s either this or we’re looking at jaw surgery in her teen years.  Thankfully she’s only 9 and thinks that braces are cool and kind of pretty.  So, on went the braces.
 I still think they’re beautiful girls.  Can’t believe that they’re growing up so quickly.  I’m trying to deal with it, but it seems like it’s coming so fast right now.  Why is it we’ve been in youth ministry for over 14 years, but all of a sudden I feel a little ill equipped?   Not the time to panic though.  It’s the time to reassess and make sure we’re covering all of our bases and reign in where needed.  God has been good and we’ve proven him time and time again through their early childhood.  I have faith in Him that He’ll see us through these upcoming tween/teen years and again we’ll find him faithful and true.  It’s an exciting time to watch God work.I probably better make this a short post before I break out into a chorus of “Sunrise Sunset.”  I also need to figure out how to make a buck or two to pay for all of this.

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