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2nd Man Preaches in Kansas City!

This past Friday my favorite preacher, the 2nd Man, was the special speaker at a youth rally up near Kansas City, KS.   Whenever he speaks out at other churches he really likes the family to come.  So we all piled into the truck and we drove almost five hours.  Oh the sights we saw! 
It looked like this in some areas.
Then it looked kind of like this. 
Also looked like this a little.
 Ah Kansas!  The beauty of the plains
The mean home school mommy in me made my kids do schoolwork in the car.  Sounds harsh, but I didn’t want to sacrifice a day just being in the car.  The schedule rules!  Ha ha just kidding.  They did do some work, but we’re actually pretty flexible.  There was also plenty of Nintendo DS playing and movie player watching too. 
 When we finally got there, it was worth it.  The youth pastor that asked him to come is quite a bit younger than us and we actually used to know him when he was a camper at the same summer camp that our churches went to.  Their church also used to come to a major 3-day rally called Spiritual Boot camp that 2nd man used to put together in Tulsa.   I bring this up because it was really quite flattering that this youth pastor used the same kind of theme for this particular fellowship rally. 
            The theme was “Hold the Line.”  They had funny skits and games like “Let’s make a Jill”
            There was also the sledgehammer challenge.
            He also did some messy games with youth pastors, balloons and shave cream.
After that – the best part… 2nd man spoke.  
Now, I know I’m biased, I’ll admit it.  But he did a great job! (Praise the Lord of course!)   I had heard parts of this particular message before on Ephesians 6 and the armor of God.  However, his focus was on the part where Paul encourages that after having all to stand after putting on the armor of God, to stand (hold the line if you will).  He preached with a vigor and passion that was contagious and encouraging. 
            One of the things I like about when he’s asked to speak out is that it is an encouragement to him.  Other 2nd man and pastor’s wives would understand this.  Our own kids don’t always appreciate him or the work he puts into the messages.  However, speak the same message elsewhere and two dozen or more people come forward to the alter.  It’s not so much a pride issue as it is an encouragement issue to keep going and striving to make a difference.  This is one of the things I find most attractive about 2nd man is that he desperately wants to make a difference in lives for the Lord.  One of the things I find attractive in the Lord is when he sends 2nd man encouragement to keep going and Hold that Line. 
2nd man came back with a renewed passion and vivaciousness in his speaking during Sunday school with our own teens.  I just love that.  I also love that our kids get the privilege of going and hearing their daddy speak.  It raises their respect for him and hopefully for ministry as well.  We really want our kids to experience the enjoyments that ministry can bring.  We want them to know that although ministry can be tough, it can also come with some fun experiences.  This weekend they especially enjoyed the hotel.  We also got to go walk around an outdoor shopping center that was really cool.  At this particular shopping center was a cool restaurant that was all about dinosaurs.  The kids just loved this place.  Overall, a great weekend was had by all.

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