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On the Hunt

I can’t talk long today; I’m on the hunt.  Somehow, I’ve managed to lose three, somewhat, important items in one week’s time.  I lost my daughter’s camera (which I borrowed on our last youth retreat), one disc from my husband’s book on CD from the library and a Netflix video still in its envelope.  I decided after a night of restless sleep that the hunt took precedence over school today, so the kids are on their own.  I know that we’re told in Philippians to be anxious for nothing.  But, I wonder what the true meaning of anxious is and how is that supposed to play out.  I mean, none of these items is life or death, however, my brain just would not shut off last night, wondering where they could possibly be.  I was praying so hard about it, I was certain that the Lord wanted me to stop already. 
However, I just love how he spoils me and reassures me that he does care, even about the little frustrations in life.  Upon waking this morning, I went and scoured through my car in my pajamas.  Sure enough, I found my daughters camera.  Still not sure whose fault that one was.  I was pretty certain I had returned it to her after we got back home, but at this point…who cares!  It’s found, it’s safe, catastrophe averted.
The rest of this morning, I’ve been turning our bedroom upside down.  Boy, it got dusty in there over the summer..ack, cough, gag!   It was sure nice to find a check that was given to the 2nd man last summer as a gift – and never cashed.  Yes, that’s right the summer of 2010! arghhhhh!  Oh well, the hunt must continue. No diversions, no quitting.
Stay focused girl.
            Finally, I decided to check out our dvd player for any misplaced discs, since my hunt had also led me to organizing all of our movies and music cds.  (I declare we are the worst family with taking care of discs!  I mean all five of us.  There’s not a one of us that puts a disc back in the right place after using it.)  When, all of a sudden, Land-O-Goshen!!! I found the missing library book disc!! Woo hoo!! Two items down and one to go.
            Now, I’m going to quit this rant and get the rest of my lunch down so I can continue the hunt.  Last disc on the list…. the Netflix movie.  It must be here somewhere. Hmmmm. If I can’t find it we may be purchasing the disc.  On the bright side, we will now have one very clean house and car…and I may get some sleep tonight.

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