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What’s-His-Name’s Birthday

We finally had a birthday party for our son this past week.  We had to put it off a couple of weeks because of the busyness of the fireworks stand.  Yes, he really does have a name, but right now I call him “What’s his name” This is due mainly because his name seems to change by the hour right now, all depending on what video game he is playing or what super hero outfit he’s wearing.  What’s really great is the description that goes along with this imagination of his.  At any point during the day he will enter the room I am in and insist that I listen as he tells me something like, “Momma Momma I’m a green Bowser with a blue head and white spikey thingies and….”  Or it may go something like this, Jarod –“Hey Momma should I be Captain America or Superman?”  Me – “How about Superman.”  Jarod – “Nah, I think I’ll be Captain America.”  This leads me to wonder why he even asks and is this beginning of some weird reverse psychological rebellion. 
            So we decided to have a Captain America party.  Believe me this changed a few times before we settled on one character.  He seemed pretty happy with it though.  
Boys are fun.  I bought these cheap little water launcher things at the Dollar Tree and had his party at our church picnic pavilion.  It’s been in the 100 + range lately so the water was a good idea.  You’d think I’d bought them something really big or something.  That’s what I like about boys…they’re easy to please. Well…at least when they’re five.
His real name is Jarod Reece. I like this name.  I picked the Jarod off of a TV show character that I really liked some years ago (I know I know real spiritual huh?)  The spelling is different.  I didn’t think this would be a big deal, but it has caused some confusion since day one.  When we were in Pennsylvania one year and he split his head open the E.R. nurse came out and called him “Jay Rod” she kept calling it and calling it until I realized that she was calling us.  From then on there are some in the family that have kept calling him this. 
He’s been such a great addition to our family since day one.  After several miscarriages, 2nd man and I figured that we’d have no more children.  One day while in his prayer time 2nd man asked God if he would please bless us with a son.  I had finally come to a place in life where I was content with our two daughters since it seemed like we kept having losses.  About two weeks after 2nd man prayed this prayer I came to him and told him I was pregnant. I thought he was going to pass out.  I didn’t know about the prayer at that time.  I actually didn’t know about it until five months later when we went in for a sonogram.  When we saw that he was a boy we both cried.  Don’t get me wrong we adore our two daughters, but the desire to have a boy too was strong in the both of us. 

 I was in a panic the day of this birthday party.  I’ve been trying to get my house back in order after two weeks of fireworks stand work and before leaving for Chicago.  His birthday was already put off.  Then, the day just seemed to speed by.  As I was frantically trying to ice his cake 2nd man came home to my announcement that there would be no dinner. Just cake.  This was when I realized I didn’t have enough powdered sugar for the icing.  I did the best I could with what I had.  Not exactly my best masterpiece.  I cried to 2nd man about how we don’t do big parties for every birthday, just big ones.  I don’t want my son to remember his first big party as a time when his mother totally had an epic fail in planning and threw it together.  Thankfully, Mr. Jarod man came out at this time, took one look at his cake and with a big “WOW!” gave me a kiss…’nuff said

I love that boy!

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