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David and Joy’s Wedding

Shhhh can you hear that?  That’s right you hear nothing.  Here I am sitting in a hotel room all by myself.  It’s so quiet I can hardly get comfortable.  I was contemplating just basking in the silence of it all, but figured I should probably post something on this poor neglected blog of mine.
     The reason I’m here alone is that 2nd man is over at a church getting ready for a wedding.  Mm mmm mm 2nd man in a tuxedo….but I digress. 
            We’re here in Pennsylvania for the wedding of evangelist David Corn (a former member of our youth department) and his beautiful bride, Joy.  I wrote about this previously in my four T’s of anticipation post back in February.  When he first asked 2nd man to be a 40 year old groomsman we chuckled at the cuteness of it.  However, I figured it was a must for him.  Last fall we were honored with one of our former teen girls having a daughter of ours in her wedding.  Well, now it was 2nd man’s turn for the experience. 
If any reading this are married to a 2nd man or even a first man for that matter I’d highly recommend trying to attend such functions if you can.  I know I know I’ve said it before, but it is so true, these kinds of things just fuel longevity.  2nd man and I were talking about it last night after the rehearsal dinner.  He’s (well actually we’re) in the ministry to serve the Lord.  It is our hope that what we do with this time given will be rewardable in heaven some day.  However, it is times like these that come from the Lord as encouragement.
David was so very gracious.  He, and Joy, gave out the customary gifts to the wedding party at the rehearsal dinner.   However, they both gave a little speech about every person that was very sincere and well done.  His speech about the 2nd man was humbling and so very gracious.  Yes, I know I’m sounding like I’m bragging.  It’s not my intent to be prideful…ever.  For it’s the Lord’s work being done.  However, this is my blog of thoughts so please bear with me in my pleasure of being the 2nd man’s wife. 
He mentioned that although he’s traveled all over the country and beyond in the past year or two that he’s never encountered a better youth pastor than my 2nd man.  That’s a pretty big statement and of course we don’t believe it to be true, but coming from a biased viewpoint.  However, what a sweet gesture it was.  Even more complimentary was the statement that he still remembered some of the messages preached by 2nd man while he was in our youth department…wow!  Now that’s a compliment! 
(Pause for wedding)
Ok, I’m back now.  My time alone didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but it was refreshing nonetheless.  I met up with 2nd man and went to the wedding in during the last pause.  It was, of course beautiful, the bride looked like a brunette Barbie.  I was most impressed by seeing 2nd man in a tux, but the wedding was nice too (wink wink). It was a long one, but God honoring and full of sweetness.  I’m so grateful to have been able to attend. 
    The bride handed her father the purity ring given to her when she was 13 years old.  How cool is that!?  He father was able to look at David and say “we’ve done our part.”  I’m so stashing that one away for future reference and ideas for our own daughters.  I will say though the bride and groom made up for lost time after the ceremony and during the reception.  Every few minutes they’d come up for air from all of the kissing to greet people.  Made me want to start kissing too. J  
            We just had such a relaxing and enjoyable time altogether, visiting with good friends and reminiscing.  It was a tonic for the soul and very refreshing.  Thank you Lord for times like these.

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