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4Ts of Anticipation

            Here it is midway through February and I find myself with this eager feeling of anticipation.  I love anticipation.  I find it both motivating and invigorating.  It’s no wonder, after two weeks of being stuck in the house with record-breaking snow and low temperatures.  I know those who live north of here think me a whiny wimp, but hey, I’m a whiny wimp.  Here are my four T’s of anticipation that I’m dwelling on today:
My baby Crabtree, hoping for big things from her this spring.

Turning Seasons  

Today is projected to be about 73 degrees.  Wow!  With temperatures like this it brings on the anticipation of spring.  I keep finding myself staring out our living room window to our backyard.  I have plans and can hardly wait to get out there.  I know that there will still be some cold days ahead, so I must restrain this feeling.  However, it is motivating for plan making.  There’s to be a vegetable garden between our house and my mother in law’s cottage.  I am excited to see our Crabapple trees we bought last year burst into full bloom, along with our redbud tree.  I’m itching to get out into the flowerbeds and clean them out.  Oh the dreams I’m having.  2nd man will be getting scared pretty soon if this nice weather lingers long.  The dollar signs and honey-dos keep adding up in his eyes when I get this way.

A Tribute

            The next thing I’m anticipating is a book signing by the Pioneer Woman, a local celebrity, because of her cookbook and blog next week at our local bookstore.  She has a new book out about how she met her husband.  Honestly I don’t really know much about the new book, but I have her best-selling cookbook and love it.  I’m hoping it isn’t rude to bring an older book to a book signing.  I just love her wit and humor…really…the cookbook is a good read.   I even got an apple green Dutch oven for Christmas from the 2nd man.  I imagine myself posing like her on the cover of her book, wishing I were a good cook.  Anyway, I’m taking my daughters to this book signing so that they can snap pictures of me meeting the Pioneer Woman.  I’m not usually a fan of people like this.  I don’t get moved much by movie stars or singers, but someone who can help me do better at something I already have to do and make it fun too…well, that’s someone I admire.

A Talk     

In March I’m anticipating something so exciting.  2nd man, our kids, and I are going to the headquarters of The Voice of the Martyrs in Bartlesville, OK to a regional conference.  I’ve been so caught up in reading books about martyred or tortured missionaries this year and can hardly wait to go.  The first book along these lines that I read was several years ago, when I read the book In the Presence of My Enemies, by Gracia Burnham.  She and her husband were missionaries to the Philippines and were taken captive by Muslim terrorists.  Her husband was killed on the day of their rescue.  I remember just throwing a whole afternoon away; because I couldn’t put her book down to do anything else.  Anyway, she’s going to be one of the speakers at this conference and I can hardly wait to see and hear her along with three other speakers.  They’re having a kids program as well.  This is something about which I feel burdened to have my kids learn about.  So that they can see beyond themselves a little and realize what others are doing in the world for Christ. You can read more about the organization at

A Trip

Now, finally the piece de resistance of my anticipation is a trip the 2nd man and I will be taking a trip in April.  I wrote in a previous blog post, about a young evangelist, David Corn, who used to be in our youth department. Soon after seeing him in December, we heard that he and his girlfriend, Joy, had gotten engaged.  Just a couple of weeks ago he called and asked the 2nd man to be a groomsman in his wedding!  The catch is that the wedding is in Pennsylvania.  2nd man and I discussed this and agreed that he couldn’t say no, both for himself, and for David.  Not only is it an honor, but a privilege and one of those memories that need to be made for longevity’s  sake.  When our Megan had been asked to be a flower girl in another of our previous teens weddings, I was on a high for weeks feeling honored and realizing that some do listen.  I believe 2nd man needs this for a shot in the arm of usability. 

Megan and I at Amy and Ryan’s wedding

I’m excited, for the wedding, the time with 2nd man and the airplane trip.  It’s not my first time on a plane by any means, but anyone who knows me, knows I love to fly. 2nd man is also going to take me around Philadelphia, since I’ve never been there too. I can’t wait for this trip and to blog about it afterwards. 


Amy and my Megan


Yes, I’m full of anticipation like a kid at Christmas.  I feel fresh and motivated and…hey…with alliteration like this I could almost preach it!  Just kidding (fundamental Baptist remember J )  Anyway, wishing everyone a happy week full of anticipation like daffodil bulbs poking their noses up to see if it’s time to sprout out. 

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