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Hunkering down in Oklahoma

     Funny what a day can bring.  I was starting to write a post this morning about the peacefulness of the morning before my crew awakens.  I love this time of day to have my coffee and devotions with Curly kitty and prepare for the day.   Then 2nd man came in and informed me that he was sick.  Aw man!  There’ve been about three different kinds of crud going around this town for about three weeks now.  Our family had been doing pretty well avoiding it, but this weekend turned things around.  I knew the changing weather would bring mayhem and apparently it’s bringing more. 
     Now, the weather service is predicting about 6-10” of snow tonight with blizzard like conditions.  So the morning brought with it an early trip to the store to stockpile the essentials, popcorn, hotdogs and TP.   Then, a trip to the library to find some movies.  Found some Ma and Pa Kettle shows.  If you’ve never watched them you haven’t lived…well…er…they’re at least good for a laugh.  The wood has been brought in and the garbage taken out.  I think we’re ready to hunker down here now. 
     I’m hoping not to get too much cabin fever.  I must admit that even though we home school, I’m considering a snow day for us.  Since, 2nd man will be home anyway and the fire will be roaring.  Hmmm, well maybe a snow day for the teacher, I wonder how that would go over?  It’s kind of hard to do the teaching, doctoring, cooking, cleaning thing all at one time.  If you’ve read any of my posts you can probably already tell that I’m attention challenged as it is.  Frenetic may be a better word for it.  Anyway, it just feels like the time to give in to the conditions and be flexible.  I’ll call it a “surviving January day” and declare it a holiday, because everyone knows that Feb. 1st marks the time to start dreaming about spring gardening ahhhhh.  Now I’ve found that peaceful place again…but I digress.

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