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Woman of the Year

     Well, it’s confession time…I did it…the unthinkable…well…that thing we, as women, mothers and wives don’t ever want to admit…are you ready for it?   I took a nap last Friday.  Oh glorious 30 minutes that were worth every frantic huff my kids could muster.  As one wondered what on earth she should do because her video teacher told her to take a quiz that I didn’t have torn out for her yet.  I’ll admit, I heard her wondering…but I didn’t budge.  Mean you say?  Well, no, I don’t think so. She survived and took the quiz later.  I considered it a lesson in flexibility, a characteristic she will need to acquire to survive.  My little guy, kept wanting to stroke my face, thinking I was sick or something.  I just pretended to unknowingly roll over.  It’s not that I was tricking the kids.  I simply had no energy to muster up to respond to them at 3:00 that afternoon.  The good news is, everyone survived, and I was a much better mommy for it. 
     Why do we have to hide things like this?  I wish we were one of those cultures that shut down at 3:00 everyday and starts back up around 5:00.  Wouldn’t we all be better off for it?  Just think how rested and congenial all moms would be if that happened?  Not to mention kids and husbands and…well…everyone. 
     Instead, ours is a culture where we women must vie for the woman of the year award by putting on airs that we sleep 4 hours a night, sew our children’s clothing, run the PTA, work for our local elections, show up to every town hall meeting and volunteer for every committee the church has.  While in reality we sleep in too late most days making us have to rush around.  We spend too much clothing our children and usually say things we may regret at PTA meetings (yes, I home school, but when I taught school I noticed a lot of this “saying things they should regret” stuff).  We do show up to vote, but don’t even understand what they’re talking about at the town hall meetings ( I mean who cares about the traffic light at main and 3rd?  the real question is “What on earth am I going to make/buy for dinner?)   Well I say patooy to that! 
     I have a sneaking suspician that if one would ask my family what woman of the year meant they’d say something like, “Oh, that means a mom who is happy and rested and enjoys her family…all of them.” Also, “a momma that can cook well and feed us stuff that tastes good and is good for us.” You know the basic stuff like one who doesn’t yell, doesn’t get tired a lot and makes home a haven blah blah blah. 
    Well, they’re the only ones I need to impress, and in order to do that I need a nap.  So, go ahead, ladies vie for the titles, bowl the world over with your impressiveness.  I’ve got a nap to take so I can keep this home happy and sane.  I haven’t won the any awards yet, even by my family’s standards so I guess I’d better get busy.  See ya’ll in an hour yawwwwwwn!

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