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Ministry Move On

     So Christmas is over and it’s time for the “ministry move on.”  What I mean by that, is that in the life of a minister (an his family) you don’t get a whole lot of time to dwell on events.  We had such a great time with my folks being in town (even 2nd man…yes even with his in-laws) that it was hard to say goodbye yesterday.  Part of me wanted them to stay just a little longer, but then we’re getting ready to leave town anyway. 
     I’m thankful for the seemingly slow week last week.  Aside from doing dishes every five minutes and starting the next meal after every one we ate (note to self: buy many  more paper plates next time), we were able to really enjoy each other.  The eating was far from clean and healthy.  2nd man and I will go into detox mode in a few days. However, we tried to mix healthy food with Christmas food…not an attainable goal.  Christmas eve and day were fun, relaxing and spiritually moving times.  I love extending the whole sense of the time from an evening through to the next day.  I love worshipping our Lord and Savior together as an extended family.  I would love it more if our church did a Christmas Eve service, but worshipping at home can be so sweet and moving as well.
     Then, we woke up Sunday and had to get things moving along.  Mom and Dad had to eat lunch and take off after morning services.  Then commenced the recovery program.  I only had one day for this and a little bit of time this morning.  I started off really well with getting the bed sheets changed and the kitchen cleaned up, but the call of the Sunday nap overtook me and I gave in for a half hour.  After evening services the kids (including the 2nd man here) played with their new Wii and I attacked the bedrooms.  It’s amazing how dirty a bedroom can get when you shove three kids into it for a week.  I’m convinced that a bomb exploded in the clean clothing basket my girls were living out of all week. 
     Now, it’s Monday morning and we’re well into the “ministry move on” I spoke of  previously.  After lunch today, we’re loading the bus and heading for Tulsa for a three day youth conference.  2nd man is speaking at a breakout session for the youth pastors tomorrow morning so he’s in his chair tweaking his stuff.  I’m supposed to be working on rooming lists but, as you can see, I’m having a hard time getting into them mode.  My main concern right now is how to pack the coffee pot.  These conferences keep you going with activities and junk food until about 1am each night.  “It’s only two nights,” you say?  Well, they pack those days and nights full.  No little rinky dink hotel coffee pot is going to do.  It’s a nice hotel in which we stay, but they really lack in the coffee and more importantly the creamer.  Yes, it’s not clean, but I love my coffee creamer. 
     I’m excited about the preaching and praying that the teens will be moved.   I get the idea that when the kids are a little worn out, a little tired the tend to get a lot more tender.  That’s when the Holy Spirit seems to be able to move in and get past the Christmas materialism and the teenage walls and do a work on the heart.  Please pray along with me that He will do wonders these next few days.  As tiring as it is, I’ve never been to one where it wasn’t worth it. 
Hope everyone else out there had a terrific and Merry Christmas!

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