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Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone!  I have been so over blessed this year.  Haven’t had much time to post any new blogs this week because my folks came to town, from Ohio, for the week.  I was so excited about this since Thanksgiving was such a quiet and uneventful time for us.  We’ve truly enjoyed having them visit.  The kids have just loved every minute.
      We decided to make Christmas Eve very special this year.  We had our big dinner this evening with our “homeless” friend joining us.  We then had gift time at Nana’s.  However, we really celebrated the evening after that by watching “The Nativity”.  I fully realize that this movie isn’t necessarily spot on in the details.  Let’s face it we can’t get our facts from Hollywood.  However, it does provide a visual illustration that gives us an idea of what it could have been like for Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus.  The solemnity of that still night portrayed brought us all to tears.  How precious to sit and dwell on the humble birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My heart was swollen with gratitude for what he did and the provisions he made even for his coming.  From awing and inspiring the wise men, to reaching out with special attention to the shepherds.  Even the sweet time for Mary to have the camaraderie of Elizabeth. 
       We’ll spend tomorrow having more family time and opening gifts, and of course reading the actual Biblical account of Christ’s birth.  But I pray that we’ll take the opportunity to be a blessing to God on His special day.  Better yet, may we be that blessing everyday. 
     This may seem like a rambling blog, it’s late and I”m tired, but I couldn’t resist publicly taking the opportunity to thank God for his sacrifice for me.

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