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Mayhem and Momma

     Well, it’s official (well, as official as my opinion gets), I’ve done gone crazy or have some sort of attention deficit something or other going on.  What was I saying?  Oh, yes, I’m not sure why I do such things to myself, but I have this tendancy to spread myself ultra thin in nearly every area of my life. The thing is…I love it. I’m currently learning, or rather teaching myself, to cook a whole new way.  Do you know how much time and effort that takes?  Then, I say yes to teaching a Sunday School class.  I’m part of the decorating committee at the church so December brings lots of demands in that area.  Trying to get my own house decorated as well.  Finishing up the last week of homeschool with all of the planning and grading that brings.  And to top it all off in the best way…Momma’s coming for Christmas….nuff said.
            The cooking thing is actually starting to sink in a little bit.  We’re trying “eat clean” as I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  So for the last four weeks I’ve been reading the labels of everything I buy.  If I can’t pronounce it I have to find another way to make it.  Yep, all in the name of health.  Of course, as usual, 2nd man has gotten whipped back into shape in no time (it’s questionable if he was ever out of shape).  He’s losing weight that he doesn’t even need to lose.  I read these books on the workouts and the clean eating. I read the testimonials of all these women who lost like 19lbs in 7 week!  Wow!  I start the calculations of where I can be in like one months time.  Get motivated. Don’t cheat.  And, yes, once again, four weeks after starting I’m still the same weight as when I began.  I mean, It’s like me against the body.  Come on!  Oh, well.  I may not be lighter, but I do have crazy amounts of energy (and muscle soreness).  So there’s a plus.  Guess we’ll keep truckin and see if anything else happens.
            Sunday school class is coming along…slowly.  I should be working on it right now, but am once again distracted.  It’s been a week of total guilt over teaching this lesson that I’m still learning.  I mean, isn’t it weird to know something and not do it?  I finally had some breakthrough last night in my own personal Bible study time.  I think I’m all turned around too, because I used to have my personal Bible study in the mornings before everyone else awoke.  Now that 2nd man and I are working out, I have to have it at another time.  It  just feels weird.  Starting new habits can be very stressful.  I find myself so distracted with all these things that I even found the peanut butter up in the cabinet with the drinking glasses.  I’ve thrown away dishes and who knows where the dog is…just kidding.  The point is, I’m having a hard time concentrating.
            The decorating thing at church, well, I think it’s gonna have to go for now.  I absolutely love decorating for banquets and seasons etc.  However, it really does take large chunks of time when things need to get done.  2nd man and I have been talking and I’m praying about it.  I think the time with my kids and family is just going to have to take precedence.  One of these days I’ll have free afternoons to decorate..right?
     Finally, the exciting news.  Momma and Daddy are coming for Christmas.  I think I finally guilted them enough to get them moving.  They’re even packing the dog along as well.  This requires lots of prep work around the house,  but I love all of it.  I bought new towels today.  I’ve been waiting for an excuse for those towels. I love when houseguests come and many of those wants around the house become needs. Woo hoo!  I really miss family around this time of year, so I just cherish it when they can make the trip.  Hope their dog likes cats.
Through all of this craziness 2nd man has really stepped in to help.  Since he’s the one who initially wanted to go the clean eating direction, he’s been helping with the cooking and even the dinner dishes when he can.  He’s been bringing me my favorite tea in the evenings, and helping out a lot with the kids.  Oh I am blessed.  Is this the time to say nanny nanny boo boo to all you other ladies?   Well, ok I’ll keep it nice….nevermind.

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