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Trying to Get Deep

            I wonder sometimes if anyone else ever struggles with their devotions?  Boy, I can go in spurts that can be awful.  Here I’ll already feel guilty with the Lord about my lack of depth or insight and then I’m inclined to share with a teen girl or lady from the church they really need to get into the Word.  I think I just complicate it in my mind.  I’ll read a book by someone else and think “Wow! They got some real insight from the Lord!”  and then I’ll sit down to read and I get a geneology or something similar.  I’ll try to read as deep into as I can… but the…I get nothing.
            Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not always like that, I was just wondering if anyone else ever struggles.  It’s like a feeling of inferiority.  I think the teacher in me wants to find some new insight or wow moment to share with everyone.  I’ve struggled with it recently because I’m supposed to teach the pastor’s wife’s ladies class this Sunday. I think I tend to overcomplicate things. So, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before.  I’m stealing 2nd mans stuff.  Not really, I asked him for it first.  He actually taught his Sunday School lesson to the teens last week on this kind of thing.  How we should be meditating on the Word of God and how to make it more meaningful and gather all we can out of it.  He didn’t even know my struggle when he prepared the lesson, but it was pointed right at me.
            (I might add here one of my beefs about older teens who say they don’t get anything out of the youth classes anymore.  BALONEY!  I’ve been in the youth class for the 13 years we’ve been married and then some.  I get stuff out of it regularly.  That’s an excuse for feeling too big in their britches or just wanting out. Parents beware of this excuse.)  Ok, I’m off the soapbox.
            Anyway, my pastor’s wife says that she likes to give me, and the outreach minister’s wife these opportunities to share what God has done in our lives lately.  Well, this is what he’s been working on…getting deeper.  Deeper with Him and deeper into His Word.  I’ve used other people’s books before as outline guides for a class so why not my own husband’s stuff. (with girlier application and illustration of course). 
Sweet Mom Moment:  Driving to church Sunday night, my kids noticed the big, lighted angel in the local park was turned on that night.  They were all oohing and aahing at it.  My daughters decided to quiz our little guy about it.  “Whose birthday is it that we decorate for?”  to which he replied, “Jesus, it’s Jesus’ birthday.”  They were praising him for getting it right when he went on, “I hope it makes him happy.”   My thought to that is “me too”  I hope it makes Him happy too.

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