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Longevity Moment!

            We had a longevity reward last night at church.  In through the doors came a precious family from the past.  Yes, that deacon from the “grassy knoll” on the paintball field, (as mentioned in a previous post) his wife and two sons came for a visit.  These guys are all grown up now, but were such great kids in our youth department long ago.  One is married and the other, I suspect, is about to be. He brought his girlfriend from Pennsylvania to meet the family…and us!  It was such an honor that he’d want us all to meet her. 
            Our pastor’s wife approached 2nd man and I before church started and invited us over for pizza and fellowship with this family.  2nd man took the route of joking around about being busy.  I shamelessly and without letting her even finish her sentence said “yes!”  I think my lack of adult conversation, is making me lose all dignity when an opportunity arises.  Not to mention the fact that dinner was taken care of, woo hoo!  Anyway, we agreed to come over to their house.
            At the table we were able to get updated on David (the younger son’s) ministry traveling around the country and world as an evangelist with another evangelist Dave Young.   He teaches the children as the evangelist preaches to the adults.  It was so exciting to hear of his experiences and the salvations.  He’s always been into illusions and uses these tricks in his program.  Now, he’s started an illusionist show for teens, they call Magic and Morality. You can read more about it at  in their October 2010 newsletter.
            KC, the older son, is married to a wonderful young woman and it blesses us to see them doing well together for Christ.  He was able to go through secular college and grad school, get a very fine job and still continue serving the Lord with his life. 
            These moments are almost parental in feeling for 2nd man and I.  It’s a kind of shot in the arm to see former teens from our youth department doing well and serving the Lord.  It almost cheapens the feeling to try to describe the warmth it brings to our hearts.  I’m even going to go ahead and throw out what they both said about me.  They both have mentioned in the past that they were looking for girls like me (I’m sure mixed in with some other wonderful women).  Now, the reason I mention it is not to brag.  For, I don’t think they necessarily meant my exact personality or looks mind you.  However, I think they were moved by watching the Lord work in 2nd man’s and my marriage.  We’ve always tried to portray to the teens how we love each other and that marriage is fun and good and enjoyable.  It was an honor to hear them say these kind words.
            I relish these longevity rewards that God sends our way sometimes.  It’s energizing and motivating.  I’d like to say they don’t come often enough, but God’s in control of that one. What a wonderful life!

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