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All by Myself

     I had the most wonderful day today.  One of those that people like me dream about, but rarely get to see.
            2nd man took the teenagers paint balling.  No, this is not where I went.  I learned long ago that this was not the activity for me.  I went two times in our first couple of years here in Oklahoma.  The first time was exhilarating as I won one of the games by capturing the flag.  However, the second time I went, I was shot to pieces.  I was sure it was 2nd man doing the shooting.  The referee was squatting down behind where I was trapped.  As the paintballs kept hitting me they wouldn’t break.  The referee was getting a kick out of this as he kept chuckling and informing me “you’re still alive ha ha.”  2nd man could hear me writhing and kept yelling over through the trees, “check yourself!  See if they’re breaking!”  to which I replied, “Stop shooting and I will.”  By now I was in tears, not for the pain, but for the anger welling up in me.  I just couldn’t understand why he kept shooting me without pause. He was so asking to sleep on the sofa.  Finally, one of the paintballs broke and I was declared officially “dead” for that game.  It was later that I found out it wasn’t 2nd man shooting me at all.  It was one of the deacons of the church.  One of the sweetest, meekest, and mildest men in our church tried to kill me from the rush of the game…arghhhh….men.
            Anyway, instead of putting myself through torture, I farmed out the kids to a friend and went to Tulsa for the day.  Yes, all by myself, with money to spend and an agenda to be had.  I planned the whole day beforehand.  Had coupons in hand and a car to myself.  I left early in the morning, and the most exciting part, I had no reason to rush there and back as usually happens.  This was good since I did end up taking a wrong turn and wandering around for about 30 minutes before getting my bearings again.  I kind of enjoyed the wandering jaunt through unknown parts of Tulsa without the pressure of getting to where I was going.  I had a classical station on the radio and found some most beautiful mansions in neighborhoods I’d never known.
            I had discovered, online, that Tulsa had a Whole Foods Store.  Boy, was that fun!  I could have spent half the day there discovering all the fun health foods and feeling so trendy and healthy.  However, the money ran out before the time.   I think I’ll have to return on a less busy day when I can wander around some more.
            I’ve now returned to real life and must now go get ready for Sunday morning.  Thankfully, 2nd man returned unscathed from his battles and even bathed the children for me.  Boy, what a day!

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