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Little Boys and Kitty Cat Toys

            2nd man is at a deacon’s meeting tonight so I’ve got a little time to write.  The girls are playing in their room and one little fella got sent to bed early.  We decided a few weeks ago to put an end to nap time.  Seems he was staying up until 10:30 –11:00pm! Oh, he’d stay in bed, but if you even passed by the hall his little torso shot straight up, just to let you know he was awake.  Now, we’re working on weaning him off of technology.  He’s learned how to play the girls’ Nintendo DS. I find this amazing seeming as how I can hardly turn the thing on.  Anyway, it consumes his every thought right now (which drives me crazy).  Suddenly the room full of toys, books, and coloring books just doesn’t make the cut anymore.  We’ve already trained him not to ask to play the DS anymore than one time.  So, now he’s moved on to other tactics like a check in every 5 –10 minutes, “Mom, what can I do now?”  Oh, I’ve taken advantage of this, believe you me (whatever that means).  He’s picked up all the stray socks, shoes, and toys all over the house a dozen times.  But, tonight, he just wouldn’t stop…so, I sent him to bed early.  The thing is, he didn’t seem to mind a bit.  Went right to sleep.  “Is this good?” I ask myself.  I mean, I’m glad he obeyed, but it was supposed to be more of a punishment-learn –a-lesson- kind of thing.  Instead I think he just missed his naptime…sigh.
            On another weird note, Curly kitty earned his keep today!  I heard a strange dog food dropping sound coming from the kitchen this afternoon.   However, the dogs were outside. Curly heard it too. He immediately shot for the kitchen and in seconds had a mouse in his mouth.  I ushered the two of them out the door with cheers for the good kitty.  However, later in the day I realized he was using the poor little thing as a play toy.  He was batting it all over the front yard.  It just wouldn’t die.  I know I sound insensitive here, but we live in the city…no place for mice.  By the time 2nd man got home the mouse was confirmed dead in the front drive…RIP. 
            This is now the second time Curly has earned his keep in the last 5 or six years that he’s had us.  Yes, I said that correctly.  He adopted us.  Just showed up on our doorstep one morning looking all cute and everything.  I figured he belonged to a neighbor lady.  However, after asking around it seemed he had no owner.  He was so cute and interesting since his tail curls up like a squirrel.  After determining that he wasn’t leaving I took him to the vet, I was sure the he was pregnant (obviously convinced the cat was a girl).  That’s when we actually found out he was a he and already fixed to boot! The Dr. said that the tail had been broken at some point and never got fixed. 
            I never liked cats until Curly.  He worked his way into our house and our hearts, and now is my devotion time buddy.  I wake in the morning and go to the kitchen to get my coffee.  That’s when Curly climbs up to the kitchen window and knocks to get in.  I let him in and we have devotions together.  It’s a pretty good set up.  The only drawback is that we can’t allow him to spend the night in the house, because, inevitably, he wakes at 5 am!  Doesn’t matter the time of year. 
He’s totally attached to us; loves to be wherever the kids are.  Actually, when we go on walks he follows us moaning for us not to go too far out of his territory.  We once walked to a nearby church for a high school chorale concert.  He followed us to the main busy street and waited there until we walked home.  Can’t beat that kind of loyalty huh?  I don’t know if I’ll ever want another cat, but Curly is always welcome.

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