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Body Fights and Teaching Plights

            Well, my body’s done it again.  Every time I start a diet or exercise program I get sick.  Happened just yesterday.  Thankfully, I think the worst is over, as I’m feeling much better today.  I get so irritated with the ol’ girl when it does this.  Can’t it see that I’m making changes for the good here?  Instead, it’s like my body is fighting back going, “hey, feed the fat lady!” or maybe, “ahhhhh what are you doing?   We need a Snickers like NOW!”  When I don’t answer the way it likes…well…there’s a revolt and the little sinus infection platoon is the first wave.  If I can hold out another week or two, I think I’ll be able to conquer. 
            I, regrettably, did cave a little under the pressure of the pizza at the teen night last Sunday evening.  I don’t know, something about the warm steaming smell of the garlic and crust, mm, mm.  Anyway, as 2nd man so eloquently put it “they spoke fancy to me, I couldn’t resist.”  I didn’t have very much though, and only drank water.  At least that’s a step in the right direction.
            It’s been actually kind of fun trying to find ways to eat clean.  I found a really neat blog called  that has some great recipes.  The author seems very real, which I like.  Wish I could say I eat like a bird and can exist on seeds and nuts.  But, I need some meat, and taters too. I mean this is Oklahoma where I live.  We eat the animals out here on the plains.  That’s the only way we can get all this grain, which surrounds us, down.  Sandwich it with meat.
        On a ministry note, I received an email from our pastor’s wife today asking me to teach her ladies Sunday school class in a few weeks.  I love these opportunities, but boy do they challenge me.  First off is the intimidating crowd.  The front row is full of older ladies, mostly widows that are always gracious, but I know they could teach me soooooo much.  It feels, well, arrogant or something to stand in front of them.  The rest of the crowd comes across as a sea of faces.  It’s a funny thing to stand in front of a crowd.  I would suggest to anyone who does, not to try to read the faces.  So much can go wrong doing this.  You have the sleeping ones for one.  That’s never an encouraging factor.  Then, there are those that are smiling the whole time.  I like those people, but still sometimes wonder if they’re agreeing or amused.    Some, were just born with a sourpuss face. They are the ones that really get me all wound up. 
            2nd man is always willing to let me take her up on these opportunities to speak.  He often appreciates some feedback from his lessons.  I’ve been under his teaching along with the teens for so long, that sometimes I just figure he has it down.  But, when I teach a class I usually come home reeling, wondering if I did all right.  It’s funny how people that do like something don’t really voice it, but those that don’t like it are always ready with something to say.  Anyway, he likes me to be reminded of how it is to teach in front of a crowd and how important feedback can be.  It’s not the need for flattery, but just an outside opinion for guidance. 
            The second challenge, is preparing a lesson.  It’s hard to know what direction to go when you don’t get to do it very often.  God has always been gracious, but occasionally, I’ve wondered if I chose wisely.  I once did a lesson on the Holy Spirit.  I spent a week and a half reading, praying, and gathering information.  It was like a little revival in my soul.  I was so excited about it, and figured everyone else would be too.  I chose special songs pertaining to the Holy Spirit to start the class.  Problem is, I’m not a singer.  Seriously, I’m not just being modest here.  I asked the ladies to sing out and help me out, but instead it felt like I was up there doing a solo.  Instead of putting us in the mindset of listening and learning about the Holy Spirit, I felt like it was totally quenched.  I learned then, that no matter how the Pastor’s wife begins class, when I’m there, we’re not singing. 
            Then on another occasion, I had, what felt like, the simplest lesson.  I was sure everyone would be underwhelmed.  Instead, I got more compliments and responses than ever…go figure.  Guess this means I’d better wrap this blogging thing up for today and start praying for direction.

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