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God can use me?

I got to lead someone to Christ last night!!  What a privilege.  These are the moments that make everything worthwhile.  I am in awe that God would allow me this privilege.  I just about blew it too by yammering on without much clarity…I think.  Anyway, the young woman came up to me after the service and wanted to make sure she was saved after we had talked a long while before service.  It’s amazing how God can take someone’s yammering and make it something that someone else understands. 
     Then again, why should I doubt Him?  Bro. Davison was preaching out of Jonah last night at revival services.  I wanted to reread the whole book again this morning and dwell on it a little.  You know what stands out to me?  We know Jonah’s heart wasn’t in it.  I mean the man totally tried to run from God and was then traumatically and miraculously saved from the fish’s belly.    But, we know he wasn’t necessarily a changed man because of his attitude in the last chapter.  So how could God take this half-hearted, prejudice ridden, preaching and change the hearts of an entire city!  A humongous city at that! Wow!…I never tire of the illogical ways (it would seem to us) that God works in the hearts of man.
            On a lighter note, it’s nice to have 2nd man home with us today.  He’s taking his day off today (Thursday) instead of his regular Tuesday, because of revival.  Turns out it’s working well for him too.  It’s raining out today, a much needed rain.  Looks like the honey-do list won’t happen today, so 2nd man gets to rest a little. 
            Not so good for me.  I was hoping to distract him with outdoor chores as to get a day off of working out.  We used to workout regularly together and we’ve started again.  Honestly, I’m about to die.  My body is so sore, I don’t think I’ll be able to get off of this sofa to do anything today.  I was so tired yesterday morning when we began our workout, but the way 2nd man looks at me makes me keep going.  He gets this look on his face that is so wonderful.  It’s like he just loves when we do this together.  I’ll do anything to get that look out of him.  Hmmm…wish I could get it with my cooking 


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