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Costumes and Bumpers

     Another big weekend has come and gone.  We spent Friday setting up and Saturday hosting a Fall Festival in our family life center.  I know some people have differing opinions over this.  However, we believe that, just as we celebrate Christmas, which has pagan backgrounds, we might as well redeem other days for the Lord as well.  So, the youth in our church host this event, allowing kids from the entire town to dress in fun (no scary) costumes and come have fun.   We give each person who comes in the door a tract and an invitation to come to our church.  Boy that sounded like a big disclaimer huh ?
     Anyway, it was a busy, but fun time.  Our own kids really enjoyed it.  Well, they mostly enjoyed getting there early so they could have the inflatable games to themselves.  I had a Minnie Mouse, a Spiderman and a very modest Wonder Woman.  Had to make a special skirt to lengthen Wonder Woman’s costume.  The real wonder is that anyone recognized who she was supposed to be by the end of it. 
     Minnie Mouse had a wardrobe malfunction in the moon bounce.  Stepped on her dress and ripped it right down the middle.  Thankfully, we have a plastic tub of extra clothing we take to camps and we were able to fix her right up…disaster averted. 
      I took pictures of them all before we even left the house, because, sure enough, the mask was thrown off of spider man, the gloves came off of Minnie, and Wonder Woman had to get comfortable in order to play at all. 
      All in all, the teens did a fantastic job of setting up, running the show and even cleaning up afterwards.  We received tons of compliments on them; A shining moment on their behalf. 
Car Update:
     On the way to the Fall Festival Saturday evening a couple more moments in car history occurred.  You see, since writing about my car a few weeks ago, something new has happened every week.  Our friend Bubba has taken care of a couple of them graciously.  However, Saturday was something else.  I pulled up in the drive thru of a fast food joint to order dinner for the kids, only to find that all of the power windows, except mine, worked.  So, I had to do the redneck thing and open my door to order.  Then I had to open the door to pay and get the food too.  I contemplated pulling up so that my daughter in the back seat could pay and get the food, but this could send her into panic and spilled drinks. 
     After that I had to make a quick stop at the store.  When I came out and put my items in the trunk, the bumper fell off onto my feet… again.  This time it broke into pieces.  This sent me into one of my imaginations.  The thought that came up was of an episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” in which a wife kept locking her husband out of doors and cars until he would do some funny little dance.  “Come on!” he kept saying and then, finally, he’d do the dance.   I kind of feel like God is doing this to me.  Like He’s saying, “do your grateful dance Jenny” as he flicks the bumper off of my car.  “Come on!” I shout and then have to try to remind myself to be grateful.  Of course we Baptists don’t dance, but I have a little tribute for the Lord right now fully innocent with only arms that I think He understands.  One day I will be all grown up in this area of gratitude.  Can’t promise it will be this side of Heaven though. 

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