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Bubba fixed my car!!!

     Bubba fixed my car!!!!  I never, ever in my life thought I’d call someone Bubba.  Then, I moved to Oklahoma.  Sounds so sterotypical for Oklahoma to have a pickup truck and a friend named Bubba.  However, knowing him and loving him as we do in our family, Bro. Andy just doesn’t always fit.  He’s our song leader, church secretary’s husband, son of the former pastor, and the most servant hearted person I’ve ever met.  He just showed up at my door one day last week and asked if he could take a look at my car for a while.  When he brought it back, all the noises were gone……all the noises.  Yep, it wasn’t snow tires after all.  (Which made me have to go back to the person who bought the tires and confess my half-hearted thanks all this time.)  I felt like I was driving a new car.  Aside from the crack across the windshield, hail pocked body, and the turn signal that went out again, I was flying high.  Those things I can imagine away, I just hold my chin up and imagine I’m in a sleek, black…..well something new.  But, all the noises used to kind of hamper my fantasy – not so anymore!  Thank you Bubba!

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