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2nd man, TV Repair man and all of those Advancing men

I was so excited about starting this blog.  Now I’m finding myself hushing my kids out of the room to figure out homeschool stuff on their own so I can think of something witty to say…………crickets……..chirp…….I got nothin, ‘cept  3 neglected kids. 
     So here’s my day.  2nd man’s been hurt by someone’s words so he’s in a bit of a funk.  Not that he’s not allowed to be.  I just dread days that are like that.  I find myself unmotivated and wishing there were some magic words I could say to help.  He doesn’t get this way often.  As a matter of fact he awes and inspires me with how he can handle people.  I’m usually the “funky” one.  (hope that’s ok for a minister’s  wife to say).  He is amazing how he can talk me off of a ledge in a matter of minutes.  God knew I needed him.  However, I know God knows what he (2nd man) needs too.  I just sometimes wonder how I can fit that need.  Soooooo, I find myself utterly distracted by this thought process today.
    On top of that the TV repair man had to come today.  Our shiny wonderful flat panel TV has been messing up.  Thankfully, it’s something the company (which will remain unnamed) knew about and the fix was free.  Something called a capaciter went out (which puts thoughts in my head of Doc in “Back to the future” who says Marty! it’s the flux capaciter!”).  I know I know random thoughts are abounding in this head of mine.
    Tonight 2nd man is going to a Men’s Advance.  The men at the host church claim that men should not retreat, so they purposely call it an “advance.”  I’ve always found that creative and funny.  Anyway, last weekend I was away on a ladies retreat (seems we’re not as spiritual), and he did all sorts of fun things with the kids.  I heard talk of a tent, a movie, a walk, the library, two parks and hot dogs.   blink.. blink.  I don’t think I have it in me.  I think Mcdonalds and Hobby Lobby are the extent of our fun tonight.  Maybe if I slip some benadryl in their drinks I may even get a bubble bath with a favorite book…now that’s a retreat!

*Ok for those who are shocked, I’m kidding about the benadryl 🙂

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